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NSSI is an international epidemic that has been practiced for millennia, however, many schools do not adequately prepare their graduates for how to recognize and respond to this potentially life-threatening behavior. Whether your group is part of a private practice, treatment center, non-profit, school district, college, government, or other business entity, there is a workshop, webinar, or training event that can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Within the 3 Levels of Training, there are ways to customize the length of the event, targeted content, location, consultations, and book purchases. Contact us so that we can discuss your specific goals and vision for the event.

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Your group’s needs are unique and specific. The Institute for NSSI provides exclusively tailored content for your audience. You will not receive a cookie-cutter presentation. By providing three levels, each group benefits by only receiving the information that they need; this saves you time and money.

For example, if you are a non-profit, you may be interested in educating the community and your staff on what NSSI is, dispelling the harmful myths & misinformation, how to spot the signs, and tips on how to respond. But if you are a school district that is experiencing a surge in NSSI cases among the students, then you would want your school counselors to have more in-depth information on how to assess for NSSI vs. SI, how to respond in each scenario, treatment techniques to help students who are experiencing urges in the classroom, and explore the possibility of counselors offering support groups at school.

One in four teenage girls has participated in self-harm. Almost 8% of third graders have tried a form of NSSI. Approximately 40% of clients who participated in self-injury started by age 12.

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury will touch every student by the time they graduate high school. Students need to know how to identify the signs in their peers and how to respond in a manner that is helpful, not unintentionally harmful. The information that would be presented during a student talk would be less graphic, more interactive, and filled with practical, easily understood tips that students can remember. Providing this information in a non-threatening, proactive manner can bring relief to many students who are struggling with knowing how to respond to a peer who is engaging in this behavior.

This is a great question because you are correct, this is a serious, truly life and death topic. However, the founder, Lori Vann, has over twenty years of experience as a professional speaker and has spoken on NSSI to groups over 110 times so she has the unique ability to find a balance between the heavy stuff, some lighthearted moments, counselor confessions, real-world examples, practical tips, inspiration, and audience participation. Audiences leave feeling empowered to do this important work.
Your group will receive a talk tailored to their specific needs. With several customizable options available, it is best to contact the Institute to discuss your vision and goals for the event. Whether your group has a small or large budget, the Institute will provide several options to select from in a non-sales, no pressure, focused on the mission approach. We are #HereToServe.

Let’s set up a call to identify your goals or ideal outcome for the event. Through a series of questions, we will help you determine which level and options are the best for your attendees. No matter which level you select, you are guaranteed that you will be provided with the highest level of service from start to finish.

Level 3 is specifically designed for treatment centers and school districts that would like to provide dedicated NSSI treatment that is founded on proven techniques and activities that are found in The Self-Injury Prevention Activity Workbook. The minimum amount of time that is dedicated to Level 3 training is 8 hours and can go upwards to multiple days if establishing a track or unit at a hospital.

From ballrooms to school cafeterias to treatment center meeting rooms to Zoom calls, the Institute for Non-Suicidal Self-Injury has successfully presented the information in an engaging way. No matter where your event is taking place, we will work with your group to make it a success.

The great news is that when you collaborate with the Institute for NSSI each level can be customized to include books at special, unadvertised discounted prices. Groups can purchase books for each attendee, as give-a-ways, or pre-buy a certain number at a reduced rate to resell to the audience. The Institute can also directly sell the books at the event for attendees to purchase at special event pricing.
The Self-Injury Prevention Activity Workbook is only available for Level 3 training.

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