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A Caregiver's Guide to Self-injury

A practical, easy-to-use book to help caregivers who have loved ones that are dealing with self-injury. The book identifies the various types of injury, the 35 reasons for it, the tattoo & piercing debate, how to assess & react to it, the creative ways people self-harm, the media’s role in spreading awareness of cutting and possible glamourizing of it, 17 tips for caregivers incl. vital things NOT to do that could make things worse, treatment options, dealing with manipulation, and MORE!

A Practitioner's Guide to the Treatment of Self-Injury Audiobook

This is the follow-up book to Lori Vann’s, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury (2014). The boxed flash drive contains almost 8 hours of material that is based upon her professional experience of working with those who have a past or current history of NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self-injury) that started in 1999. While A Caregiver’s Guide was written for those who have loved ones who are hurting themselves or for practitioners who are just starting to work with self-harm, A Practitioner’s Guide is strictly geared for the mental health or medical professional who is treating this population. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a book should NOT be used in lieu of therapy.

A Practitioner's Guide to the Treatment of Self-Injury: The Workbook

This is the companion workbook to the 7.5-hour audiobook of A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury: tips, techniques, activities, and debates that was written by Lori Vann, MA, LPCS. It is based upon her twenty years of research and experience working with those with a history of self-harm/self-injury. The workbook follows the audio, as much of it is the exact words that Lori is reading. There are spaces to write, fill in the blanks, and questions to contemplate.

Deep Dive Treatment for NSSI for Practitioners: Part 2

As you continue to understand NSSI, this next level in the three-part series continues to delve into the treatment of the behavior as preparation for better understanding the Practitioner’s Guide to NSSI Mastermind: Level 3. The third level is when participants are able to purchase The Self-Injury Prevention Activity Workbook.

What is included in the 2.75 hr webinar with a 15-minute follow-up consult with Lori Vann, MA, LPCS, Founder of the Institute for Non-Suicidal Self-injury:
  • The role of neurotransmitters in NSSI and how to boost them (Serotonin),
  • Research regarding Melatonin, THC, and NSSI
  • The variety of treatment options & modalities–pros and cons
  • Trifecta of Self-care and NSSI
  • 20 of the 30+ reasons why someone engages in self-harm
  • Vann Tree Model (it can be used with other types of behaviors, too)
    • Boundary setting
    • Identification of health vs. unhealthy people
    • Personal Rights that impact mental and physical health
  • Handouts associated with the Tree Model
  • Various ways people respond to anger
  • Treatment areas to target
  • Why people are resistant to getting treatment for NSSI
  • 3 activities to use with NSSI
  • AND MORE as I answer your questions.
Texas LPC, LMFT, Social Workers, and Psychologists are eligible for 3 Texas CEU credits with a completed passing evaluation.