A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury




You just came across someone that you know who is self-injuring.  Do you know how to react so that you don’t make the situation worse?  Don’t make the mistake of saying something that could increase their risk to attempt suicide.

A book that is based upon an international authority in the treatment and prevention of Non-Suicidal Self-injury’s decades of experience working with those who participate in the 20+ different forms of self-harm.  The book is written so that you can go to the section that you need at that moment and gain valuable insights in the behavior.

Topics include:

Accurately defining NSSI, including is it a suicide attempt or social statement

The 20+ different forms of NSSI

The 35 reasons why someone harms

The 17 To Do’s and Not Do’s

Warning Signs

NSSI in the Media–from movies to the radio, books, cartoons, and social media

And so much more!

“Lori Vann literally wrote the book on NSSI.” Ashli H., LPC



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