A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-Injury Audiobook


over 7 1/2 hour audiobook on a flash drive.  The flash drive comes in a box with instructions.



This is the follow-up book to Lori Vann’s, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury (2014).  The boxed flash drive contains almost 8 hours of material that is based upon her professional experience of working with those who have a past or current history of NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self-injury) that started in 1999. While A Caregiver’s Guide was written for those who have loved ones who are hurting themselves or for practitioners who are just starting to work with self-harm, A Practitioner’s Guide is strictly geared for the mental health or medical professional who is treating this population.
Chapter Titles: Intro Ch. 1 A Quick Review of Self-injury (NSSI), incl. suicide rule out
Ch. 2 Forms of Self-injury: it’s not just cutting
Ch. 3 Is Self-injury Addictive?
Ch. 4 Self-injury and a History of Abuse
Ch. 5 Eating Disorders and NSSI
Ch. 6 Extended Review of the Most Common Reasons and Treatment Techniques Ch. 7 Treatment
Ch. 8 Things Parents May Try: the good, the well-meaning, and the crash & burn
Ch. 9 The Foundation: where the core issues develop
Ch. 10 Areas to Address and Techniques
Ch. 11 Group Considerations: referrals and creating a group
Ch. 12 Group activities
Ch. 13 Transitioning Out of Therapy
Ch. 14 In Closing, Take Heart
DISCLAIMER: This is not a book should NOT be used in lieu of therapy.


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